Back in 2014, I found a cute rusted metal cutout that I turned into my first of hundreds of my Rainbow Bridge angel cat and angel dog ornaments. 

Ornaments aren't just for Christmas trees.   I had no idea my customers would purchase ornaments year round from my Auntie Angel Designs Etsy shop, but that is in fact what happens.  

I have received e-mails telling me that ornaments are placed alongside their pet's ashes.  They are hung from their car's rearview mirror, because their dog liked to ride in the car with them.  They are hung from a suction cup hook from a kitchen window or sliding glass door, where they are remembered every single day and are reminded of the beautiful memories of their beloved pet.  They are hung from a hook at their desk or on the wall at their bedside, on a display shelf...

When I first went into business 11 years ago with my Kindred Spirits Gift Shop, it was because I felt the market was lacking pet sympathy gifts.  I was grieving my Tasha and Niki and I needed something to hold onto.  If I was hurting, I knew others had to be hurting as well.  I won't lie.  Since my painful journey began, my house has turned into a shrine, in loving memory of my angels.

As for me, I am obsessed with making personalized ornaments.  My guardian angel dog, Casey, supplies me with endless ideas to create them, so you can be sure there are more to come.  And they aren't just to memorialize a pet; they are to memorialize all family members.

I think the word "ornament" conjours up the image of Christmas trees.  It certainly used to for me.  But what is great about a personalized ornament is that you can give a relatively inexpensive gift from the heart, without driving around and spending hours shopping for one.  You have found your source.  You won't have to know your friend or loved one's size or style, whether your gift will fit into their home decor (and it always will).  When you take the extra step to have something personalized, you are a part of making a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else can appreciate as much as your recipient.  

The feeling of giving and receiving a personalized gift, an ornament, is priceless. And long after the flowers are gone, whose gift will be remembered and forever cherished?