Auntie Angel Designs: Old-Soul Jewelry and Gifts Honoring Our Kindred Spirits

My life drastically changed in 2002, when I lost two of my beloved dogs, Tasha and Niki, to a poisonous vet drug. I became an advocate to have the drug removed from the market.

My angel sister, Carolyn, sent me a beautiful handmade greeting card from her fur-children that touched my heart deeply. The card was signed, "We love you, Auntie Angel." Gestures like this spurred me on and gave me the strength to get through some very difficult and painful years. My life became “all about” the animals; not just my dogs who had gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but the animals whose lives were adversely affected or snuffed out much too soon.

By 2006, I was burned out and was tired of fighting "Big Pharma." I was well on my way to finding my mission and passion in life, so my online shop, Kindred Spirits Gift, was created. I found I love being able to provide “Soulful Gifts to Lift the Spirit” and making people feel good, even in their darkest hours. But I always loved the “Auntie Angel” name and knew one day something big and very special would come of it.

My designs are inspired by a beautiful black German shepherd named Casey. Casey was my "warrior" dog who survived the drug that took his two canine companions. Casey went to The Rainbow Bridge on September 5, 2013. We spent 12-1/4 years together out of his 13 earth years. He was my soul mate and guardian angel dog on earth, as he is in Heaven.

Casey was my constant "supervisor" when I started the jewelry aspect of my business. He would always have to inspect my work as I taught myself how to bead, and then would lie at my feet during the long hours well into the night while I practiced to hone my skills. Casey was always so respectful and never disturbed me or my bead board as I worked. :) I pour my undying love for Casey and my dogs -- Angel Abby, Dusty, and Rigley -- into each piece. When you purchase a gift from my shop, whether for yourself or a friend or loved one, you are purchasing a true gift of love from my heart and soul.

So while “Auntie Angel” is me, Auntie Angel is for YOU, to honor your loved ones on earth and in Heaven.

Please let me know how I may serve you, and thank you for being a part of my journey.

Offered with love,

~ Jean B. Brudd, “Auntie Angel”

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